Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Speaking Engagements

European Identity and The Euro Crisis: Fiscal Limitations For Federalist Aspirations – ‘Sovereignty Formulas between Autonomy and Independence: Towards a Reconfiguration of Europe?’ Workshop on the Dynamics of Nationalist Evolution in Contemporary Europe,Foresight Centre, University of Liverpool, 14-15 May 2015

The Demographic Challenges Facing Greece, A New Growth Model For the Greek Economy, 3 June 2015, Conference (here) organised by the Greek Chamber of Commerce and the Greek Parliamentary Budget Office

Ideas, Models, Values – College of Certified Auditors annual congress, Sitges, July 2014 (more here)

Spain & Japan: Two Developed Countries Facing a Lost Decade – CIDOB Centre for International Affairs, Barcelona, January 2014 (more here)

What do ageing populations have to do with the sovereign debt crisis? - Morningstar Investment Conference Europe, Vienna, March 2013 (more here)

The Demographic Revolution – A Threat to Our Pensions? - Globes Israel Business Conference, Tel Aviv, December 2012 (more here)

Saving the euro, but at what price? – Presentation, British Chamber of Commerce in Spain, Barcelona, November 2012 (more here)

Challenges Still Facing Spain - Euram, Olot, November 2012 (more here)

Portugal, Will The Last To Leave Kindly Switch Off The Lights! – Presentation at the Conference "Neglecting social Europe? The economic deadlock!" European Parliament Greens EFA, June 2012 (more here)

The Future of the Spanish Economy in the Eurozone - Euromoney Spanish Capital Markets Forum, Madrid, May 2012 (more here)

The Economic Consequences Of Latvia’s Demographic Decline – Presentation at the conference “Too Late To Defuse The Ticking Demographic Time Bomb For Latvia” organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia, Riga April 2012 (more here)

Decision making in the face of an uncertain future: ageing populations and Europe's debt crisis - paper presented at the EU seventh framework programme meeting “Exploring the future in complex social systems for decision making”, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Florence February 2012 (more here)

The Future of the Euro - Barcelona Business Network, Barcelona, January 2012 (more here)

The Stability of the Euro- Borsadiner Financial Professionals Forum, Presentation, Barcelona, November 2011 (more here)

The Euro, Demography and Italy's Long Term Growth Challenge – Presentation, Italian Democratic Party Summer School, Cortona, September 2011 (more here)

The Coming Indian Summer? – Lecture, Danske Bank Central Bankers Forum, Copenhagen, June 2011 (more here)

Exporting Your Way Out Of Trouble Under A Currency Peg – Open University of Catalonia , Presentation during the Conference “Economic Crisis in Small Countries”, Barcelona, Catalonia, May 2011 (more here)

East Europe’s Looming Demographic Crisis - Stockholm School of Economics, Public Lecture Riga, April 2011 (more here)

Saying Goodbye to One Crisis, Only To Say Hello To The Next One - International Employee Benefits Association, 11th Annual Conference, Brussels, March 2011 (more here)

Why Economists Got It Wrong - London School of Economics, School of Management, Public Lecture, London, February 2011 (more here)

Is Spain’s Fiscal Correction Sufficient? – Barcelona, Borsadiner Financial Professionals Forum, November 2010 (more here)

Is Immigration A Solution To Our Long Term Pension Problems? - Bergen Business School, TED Talk, Bergen November 2010 (more here)

Can the Euro Be Saved? - Polish Economic Forum, Krynica, Poland, September 2010 (more here)

Spain - Towards Finland or Argentina? - Circulo de Economía, Presentation, Sitges, May 2010 (more here)

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